Human Agriculture - A New Year Thought

>>  Saturday, January 01, 2011

Guiding often just teaches us to be better people, sometimes this is as simple as remembering that it is cool to be nice to people for a change.

First plant five rows of peas:


Next plant three rows of squash:

Squash gossip
Squash destructive criticism
Squash indifference

Then plant five rows of lettuce:

Let-us be faithful to duty
Let-us be unselfish
Let-us be loyal
Let-us be true to obligations
Let-us show love to one another

And no garden is complete without turnips:

Turn-up for important events
Turn-up with a smile
Turn-up with good ideas
Turn-up with determination to make everything good and worthwhile.

Plant this garden and watch YOURSELF grow.

Thunder, Thunder, Thunderation.....

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