Did it stretch like a silver thread far out into the invisible mist?

>>  Wednesday, December 15, 2010

If you know your Douglas Adams you will know that this is a question the Mattress asked of Marvin in Life, Universe and Everything

The Gallery this week is "Sparkle".  Sparkle made me think of Marvin and the Mattress, which led me to these photos (I know there is no bridge but it was a thought association moment)

Rottnest Ferry
  ``I stood on the platform. For hundreds of miles in front of me,and hundreds of miles behind me, the bridge stretched.''
``Did it glitter?'' enthused the mattress.
``It glittered.''
``Did it span the miles majestically?''
``It spanned the miles majestically.''
``And it was a magnificent occasion?''
``Reasonably magnificent. The entire thousand-mile-long bridge spontaneously folded up its glittering spans and sank weeping into the mire, taking everybody with it.''
City Beach

I really relate to Marvin.

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