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>>  Sunday, November 07, 2010

One of the most engaging Guiders I know was telling me about a moment when she knew she had to pull all her best experience into play :

Most girls that are selected for International trips are the cream: the girls that are polite, happy to get involved, driven, want to take part, team players etc etc. Some are chosen for other reasons. I often describe them as "exactly the sort of girl that Guiding is here to help and support". I usually say this as a reminder whilst slowly banging my head against a wall as yet again the same argumentative, disruptive pain in the ass of a girl has 'done it again'!

On the way to an International camp this leader had to collect a girl that she would be looking after (amongst 12 others) for 3 weeks.

As the Guide got into the car she put her feet up on the dashboard and lit a cigarette. Grrrrreat! What action would Baden Powell have recommended at just such a moment? After a moment of contemplation she said to the Guide

"if you've got the cheek to smoke in my car, at least take your feet off the dashboard and open the window"

and so the line of respect was very clever lady

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