Christmas 2010, let's just skip it.

>>  Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas used to be about doing Christmas things together, sharing the growing excitement, taking time to marvel at the lights, to walk around looking at pretty tinsel, and "yes, that is another bit of pretty tinsel dear".  I loved it all.
The painful school plays that always have me sniveling with pride and love at the end.

Snuggling up to read our favourite Christmas stories.  Enjoying unwrapping the ornaments and greeting them like old friends.

Trying to catch parents out by asking Santa to leave his signature. Which he duly did and hence belief being thoroughly reconfirmed!

This year we aren't unwrapping our old friends and we don't have plans to try to catch Santa out. (Although I'm hoping to catch slightly Miss Disbelieving off guard again!)  We only seem to have pressures about whose house we will be at and what we will eat.  Without all my emotional comforts of home, I am finding I don't want Christmas to come at all.  I just want to curl up into a ball and wish it all away.

But my plans for December 2011 are already coming on strong!!!!!!!!!

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