Halloween Party

>>  Sunday, October 31, 2010

I upped the ante on our usual halloween party this year.

The house was staged considerably more.  There was lots of detail it would be hard to show.  Snakes wrapped around handles, spiders, signage, spooky sounds playing.
We started with tea. 

Followed by cutting the flour cake which involved everybody having to ultimately push their face into a bowl of flour to find a sweet.  'Bleuk' was the common shout.

Pin the Wart on the witch happened whilst I rediscovered the kitchen from under a plume of flour

Then the 'guess what it is'.  There were rats tails (cold spaghetti), eyeballs (peeled grapes) and monkey brains (partially peeled avocado).

Out into the garden, in the dark with the spooky sounds playing away.  I gave them a torch each and sent them to find cds I had tied up earlier.  I had also made frozen hands from surgical gloves and had placed them around the garden.  The screams and squeals were great!!

The cds were an anagram of 'go to slime'

I had placed a cauldron of slime lit by candle light.  In it were letters as well as some very realistic cut off fingers, ears and noses.  There were lots of shrieks and 'eurrrrrrgh'.  The letters in there spelt out 'orange pop'.

They had to pop the orange balloons in the hall.  I had filled them with spiders and cockroaches, so these showered down on them.  Hidden amongst that was a note telling them where the party bags were hidden.

Then a spot of mummy wrap.

Followed by my personal favourite 'Blind Jelly'.  I find plenty of newspaper on the floor useful for this, as well as dustbin bag aprons!

They carried on with popping the rest of the balloons by sitting on them and then went back out into the garden with torches to hide, whilst one had to go look for them, the others were jumping out from behind bushes and generally scaring the heck out of each other.

They came in to get ready for bed and hot chocolate and they all bedded down on my dining room floor (which was tableless for the event) with a film.  They must have been worn out because they were all asleep by 1:30am (this is unusual, as sleepovers recently have been 5am affairs!).

We had the 'spooky' breakfast and I overheard one girl say it was the coolest party ever....so I was very happy!!!
I'm off for a lie down!

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