Finally, I failed to fail

>>  Sunday, October 17, 2010

I have a general trait of failing.  I tend to start hair brained schemes and don't see them to fruition.  I also have a habit of wanting to do the right thing but just missing the mark and end up offending someone or fall into some unwanted trauma.  Things in my life tend to have a go- wrong spin.

Well, as Gordon Ramsey would say, Fuck me!  Today I failed to fail.  I ran in my first race and I finished!  There were lots of 'proper' runners there, doing all the 'proper' warm up stuff.  My word I was nervous.  But I didn't come last (one did).  I didn't collapse (one did). I didn't kill myself doing it and I really enjoyed it!

As I got close to the end I saw a gorilla in the distance..there was no way I was going to be beaten by a gorilla.  I strided out and yes, I beat the gorilla!  Afterwards, as a proudly gabbled this to HWMBO, he pointed out that the banana had still finished ahead of me....yes, thanks for mentioning that dear! I could have coped with not knowing!

I am so proud of myself..I had a number pinned on me...that's like a proper runner!  And I got a medal.

Go Me!  Whoohooo!

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