Miserabubble no more

>>  Sunday, August 22, 2010

I've been feeling really fed up since I got back from PGL.

I think it's getting back to the drudgery of cooking, ironing, cleaning and generally being everyone's whipping boy.

Today I was alone, because everyone else had something interesting to do, whereas I was presumably expected to cook in anticipation of their hungry return.

I decided to take myself off for a while and I saw the cure.

As soon as I saw, I knew they were the answer. The second my credit card pin went in the machine I felt myself de-stress. I was happy once more, satisfied in the way chocolate satisfies.
How can that be? How can a pair of shoes give me such a joyous buzz?

I have no idea but I think they will look rather snazzy with a pair of jeans!

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