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>>  Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Must every man go through it and why don't women get the same issue? Or maybe they do.

I read recently this quote from an article relating to men having affairs :

"A woman has childbirth to sustain her. This, or even the notion of this, links her, mentally and physically, to the future. The child in her mind, in her womb, at her breast, at her feet, blocks the very possibility of the one question that sets men and women apart: what’s it all for?"

Mid-life crisis isn't necessary about affairs and that isn't where I was going, but the statement rings home a little. Do women cope better because we have child birth to sustain us or is the women's Harley Davidson equivalent botox?

August drives me insane, in so much as it is Metal Festival season. I must sustain extended time alone whilst receiving the odd "AAAARRRRRRRRRRGHHHHH METAL" phone call usually followed up a few hours later by the "I wuv you, I weeelly wuv you" call.

If HWMBO had childbirth to sustain him would he be any less likely to be drinking his way around Northern Europe dressed in black and playing air guitar? Now there's a deep question.

Given that this has now been happening for at least 5 years, I'd say it's a bloomin' long crisis.

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