How to amuse a business man

>>  Friday, August 27, 2010

I often park the car at Leicester to go to London but today we left the car at Harborough.

It's 17:51 St Pancras train station platform 4. "Yep that's ours, Leicester, and it leaves in 4 in minutes"

We run up the platform dive into the last 2 seats (being diligently double seat coveted by 2 laptop users, who weren't amused).

"SHIT, the car's not at Leicester!"

We dive out of seats, open door and out, and capped man puts down his paddle : OOOOPS. At least the laptop users get their spread out space back, and we poddle back down the platform.

But now we are train side of the barriers, no screens to view. We go down to the wrong side of the information desk and she tells us the 18:15 on platform 3 goes to Harborough and yes we can board it now. And we do....

The carriage is spookily empty, something feels wrong, I live in commuter belt, this is commuter time!

"Harborough?!!!!!" I enquire to a lady. The only other person in the carriage turns round and says "NO, this is the 18:15 it goes straight from Kettering to Leicester"

*sigh* We poddle back down the platform to the information desk "The train you said went to Harborough doesn't"

"oohhh, then you want the 18:25 on platform 2, you have a long wait would you like to come back through the barrier"

Those of you that know St Pancras will know that this all happened in full view of the business fraternity, stood Latte in hand with knowing certainty of the train they need to catch. I try to hold my head high as I do the walk of shame back past them and disappear into Chopp'd (love that place).

18:15 on platform 2, to capped man rather meekly "Harborough?"

And the business man behind me laughs..........*sigh*........shame though, I have a soft spot for a business man in a good suit, would have prefered to impress him !!!!!!!!!
Still he had been in the office all day whereas we had been having a ball ...... I think I had the last laugh as he slumped into a seat and we happily chattered all the way home about our day!

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