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>>  Sunday, July 04, 2010

Do I have the right to live in a smoke free house? I would like to think so.

I live in a detached house on a good sized plot and as non-smokers you would think I should be smoke free. Unfortunately, my neighbours on both sides smoke.

After the air cools in these lovely summers evenings, it is lovely to open all the windows upstairs and cool the house down. At about the same time my neighbours enjoy nothing better than having a smoke in the garden. To the right, the man enjoys cigars and to the left, the family of 4 all smoke. It tends to drift in through the back bedroom windows first but often seems to infiltrate the kitchen and if I open my patio doors the living room takes a hit too. I also have an inbuilt air exchange system in the house which distributes cool air around the house bringing it in from the outside (smoke full at 8pm) and taking in through a piping system into all the rooms. So this has to remain turned off.

Yesterday evening, in a cool mummy moment, I put up a tent for daughter's sleep over and was amazed by how smokey our garden was.

I like my neighbours, they are helpful, friendly and generally considerate people. When I have had problems (like water shooting out of the kitchen cupboard horizontally) they will always try to help but at this time of year I would love to offer them a packet of nicorette and a stern lecture! (but maybe that's just the ex-smoker in me !!!!)

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