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>>  Thursday, July 08, 2010

I have had a day of bad happenings...washing machine deceased, microwave went out with it in sympathy, 12 out of 15 eggs delivered by Sainburys arrived spread over most of my shopping, did not get to daughters last disco early enough to take appropriate photos with other good mummies etc my mood today has been 'challenged'!

I ordered a flute case bag off Amazon last weekend and it arrived very quickly...completely the wrong colour though. I think Amazon is brilliant and feel protected in their other sellers market place. I emailed the company, they responded immediately on how to return it and no problem with the refund. Yey!

In fact they were so helpful I rang them up to see if they had the right colour, they told me they did. Whilst the description said green (that is what they sent), the colour in the photo was ocean blue...but if I popped the green one back in the post, they would refund all postage and send me the new one. And they did.

The very next day the ocean blue one arrived, also not the same colour as the photo!!! By now I was slightly annoyed (understatement) and I mailed them. Again they responded immediately, but they implied I was unhappy with the first one too and that had been what I had originally requested*. Ohhhh red rag to a bull!!!!! I uncalmly mailed them my exact feelings on the matter and raged about the confusion of photos to product etc and......

...within the hour I had a full refund and a lovely letter of apology from a manager saying I was quite right and they would immediately fix the product on the site (and they have)....ahhh bless that man....he knew exactly what I wanted to hear and how to fix the problem. I went from unhappy customer to very happy and ready to shop with them again. I bet my next shop with them is for significantly more money too!

I thought the best way to show my appreciation would be to leave on site feedback, which in the style of the day, I managed to delete by mistake and now cannot for the benefit of my feel good factor :

Jonathan Myall Music at provide good old fashioned customer service in the modern high tech world!

I distinctly remember reading a blog recently where the customer service for a company selling head phones was the exact opposite so time to redress the balance of hope in the world of customer service!

*I had had a baaaad day, hubby couldn't see the implication when he read it, so I guess it was me reading between frustrated lines!

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