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>>  Friday, July 23, 2010

Boggertropolis says I have to answer 10 questions or the sky will fall on my head. At least I think that's what he said but maybe I'll have to listen to it on a maxell.

So here are the questions as set by the man himself:

1. God gives you a free ticket to spend the night with absolutely anybody in the world and the entirety of history – whom do you choose?

Mr Darcy - obviously

2. Frankie Howard or Frankie Boyle? (This is a separate question and is not related to no. 1 above.)


3. What life skill or ability do you wish you possessed?

Powers of persuasion to convince HeWhoMustBeObeyed that DIY is fun and ironing is not the work of the devil.

4. If it takes Johnny three hours to fill a bath with water using a colander and a train travelling at 90mph takes 2 hours to reach it’s destination why does Britain no longer have the right to call itself Great?

I think if you listened to enough Morrisey you would already know that answer, stop wasting my time.

5. Have you ever genuinely wished to be a member of the opposite sex (or are you that already)?

Only when doing DIY and ironing (see 3)

6. Do you have any embarrassingly weird interests or hobbies – and if so please explain in detail?

ooh-err-missus-well-no-errrr. Actually I collect stones but only grey ones that are about the size of a 10pence and have no distinguishing features. Honestly, I do it to annoy HWMBO!!

7. Dance, Punk, Goth, Metal, Grunge, Pop, Country, Folk or Classical? The choice is yours.
errrrr Punk, no grunge, no pop, no folk....I'm a music chameleon, my collection is a purists worst nightmare.

8. If you could change anything about your current lifestyle / life situation, what would it be? And what would you keep?

I would keep the money and remove the work :0)

9. If you were a packet of crisps what flavour would you be?

Roadkill (I can't believe how much time I wasted of my life considering that one, seconds never to be regained)

10. Describe the sandwich of the gods.

Boxing day turkey and cranberry sauce - obviously

Unless I set 10 questions, Duckie Luckie will fart on Goosey Loosey's head but I am too lazy and uncaring, so I give you Maggie's top five and in order to prevent Ricky Gervais suing me to smithereens I recommend you rush out and buy the Extra's DVD:

#1 Would you rather have a bionic arm or a bionic leg?

#2 Would you rather die of the cold of die of the heat?

#3 Would you rather have your face and body but the brain of a chimpanzee or be a chimpanzee but have your human brain?

#4 Would you rather wake up and find your teeth have fallen out or your hair has fallen out?

#5 Would you rather be a penguin who's a bird but can't fly or a flying fish that's a fish that can fly a bit?

You may want to ponder over them for a while, my answers are at the bottom of the page. You may want to continue this blogger chain mail poorly disguised as a meme or you may prefer that the sky does actually fall on Chicken Licken's head and him and all his friends die in a gruesome blood bath - your choice.....

*arm, cold, chimpanzee with the brain, hair, flying fish (unless there are penguins around!)

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