A Day Out in Our Park

>>  Sunday, July 11, 2010

Our local festival week finishes with a 'party in the park'. Lots of local families (any outsiders would be sniffed out and expelled!!) go to picnic, drink plenty and listen to the bands.

The kids play footie and generally run around a lot! The parents chat, sing, dance (did I mention the drink!)

(note the banana skin hidden under shoe, I was obviously hoping for a slap-stick moment later!)

This year lots of lanterns were lit and sent off into the sky. I'm in two minds about these as they look lovely and the kids get very excited but given the dry crops and the wire that won't rot down, I worry that they aren't good for our local environment. Still a good breeze sent them heading towards Lincolnshire!

A huge firework display ended the night. It's all free and run by local volunteers - a fantastic evening out.

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