Why I am a Guider (2)

>>  Monday, June 07, 2010

Yes, I have been here before and it really is true.
This weekend was my Brownie Pack holiday.

I don't do it for the weight lifting

Or the bend and stretch exercises!

I do it because of this:

"I can't do it"
"yes, you can, just take your time, wait for it to swing back"
"Yes, I think you can, try a little to the left"
"you are doing, go on, go on, WELL DONE"
"other foot, yes, yes, go on, that's it, go on"
"Barn Owl, Barn Owl - I did it, I DID IT, I feel like a super star. I'm going to go and try all the things I didn't do before"

And the leader in the blue t-shirt is another of my little brownies that grew up into a fantastic Guider. I am so proud of all these girls that are growing and developing, I am excited that with them in the world the future looks bright.

I'm not a Guider for the easy hours, the power, the prestige.
I am a Guider because I want the world for our girls, a world they can
share and help to shape, a world of love and laughter.
I want them to feel the beauty of that world.
I want them to finish everything they start and to do it well.
I want to give opportunities for them to become women who will have
strength of character and compassion for others.
I want them to be the best they can be and to achieve their goals in

In giving myself and my time I hope for a better world, through them.

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