His teeth in her cheek was the last straw

>>  Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This weeks Gallery is Creatures.

I give you Leo my ex-cat.

He was a rescue cat of unknown age. Unknown because I never managed to get him to a vet. He was neutered but I assume it happened when he was much smaller and actually fitted in a box (a cat Leo's size with all 4 legs side ways with claws out needs a big box!)

I quickly found out why his previous owners abandoned him. He was big, dirty and rarely washed. He regularly came home covered in blood (never his). I often saw him launch himself at next doors windows to get at the cats inside, he just bounced off the glass. He would have gone straight through single glazing!

I didn't mind at all when he bit my ex-husbands nose (well what ex-wife would!).

I bought electric cat calming defusers.

My neighbours coped when their beautiful black cat finally had 2 ripped ears and abscesses. They offered to take him to tickle therapy (I said they could if THEY put him in the box!)

I coped when he bit through my entire nail and into the flesh beneath it in a 'hey let's worm Leo' moment of madness.

The last straw was when he launched himself off the top of the stairs and sunk his teeth into my daughters cheek as she walked upstairs.

That animal had to go!

He went to a home with more land, no other cats nearby and owners that pandered to his every whim. I understand he retired from fighting and lived a few more years of a more peaceful existence (although I doubt he ever learnt to wash properly!)

A little loose at the seams but I still loved him and asleep he was the saggiest old cat in the whole wide world!

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