Woe Betide the bad friend

>>  Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Gallery this week is Friendship

I once had a very special friend. We had fun together, got into trouble together, were our mother's despair together. She was my witness/maid of honour at my first wedding. She introduced me to Guiding: "Come and give me a hand for a night she said"...I never left!

In my selfish, selfish early 20's I let her down badly, I didn't support her when she desperately needed it. There is no excuse, I was immature, stupid and unthoughtful and she was rightly upset with me.

Across the years I have tried to reconnect with her at different times via her mum, then her sister. About 2 years ago, by chance, I bumped into an old relative of hers and I sent a letter of apology and telling her how much I miss her still. Sometimes things just move on and I guess she really doesn't need me in her life now.

JP you gave me so much and I appreciate the friendship we had.

So to everyone : take care to cherish and support your friends because being the cause of losing them is a horrid thing to live with.

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