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>>  Thursday, May 06, 2010

My Kitten (she's a year old now but not grown up yet) has been disappearing a lot just lately. A friends status on Facebook finally gave me a clue.:

"my Wednesday class was so popular, we even had a little kitten in to give it a try"

Followed by replies from another couple of friends:

"that little kitten comes to nursery every day, it sneaks in when you aren't looking, it is cute and cuddly "
"ohhh, I've helped it out of play school twice this week"

Aha, slowly it all pieces together, last Thursday I was called to Guides to fetch her and on Tuesday she popped into my exercise class and I had to run home with her.

This morning my husband came back from the polling station saying "Maisie is currently voting can you go get her" (why on earth he didn't bring her back who knows!)

So it would seem I have a very sociable kitty that enjoys children, karate, circuit training and has an interest in political happenings and I've got sore legs from running around the village fetching her home.

Today she is shut inside as I do not wish to walk past the Polling Station clipboard carrying, rosette wearing suits another time but rest assured kiddies she will be back at nursery tomorrow!

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