Facebook Faux Pas

>>  Monday, May 10, 2010

Things I have learnt today:

When you throw a Facebook status out into the mix, someone will take offence.

When local 'importants' feel threatened or criticised the wagons quickly circle.

There are some people prepared to storm the Bastille and those who will claim their hands are tied.

When you really feel strongly about something and want to act, you have to be prepared to upset the apple cart.

Didn't Cherie Blair once criticise the Government on their human rights policy? Well I criticised a body HeWhoMustBeObeyed is a member of and whilst the press aren't likely to care, the local tom-tom drums are pounding. Whoops.

Oh and the Yoga class instructor returned kitten tonight!!!!!!! She's branching out, but at least she got a lift home.

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