Toilet tube worries

>>  Saturday, January 30, 2010

Since day dot my daughter has been the most organised child I know. She has always put a toy away before getting another out and each toy has it's particular place. Clothes are always folded on the shelves, hung up or in the laundry. She comes home from school, hangs coat and bag up, cleans her shoes and changes.

Don't be too concerned she regularly has attitude so high it's above the clouds and all the other joys of growing children but in terms of tidiness she's A'ok.

Yesterday I noticed the empty toilet roll tube was on the toilet floor...I know it was her that changed it. Today I came home to one in the bathroom; only me and her use that room. But worse, I change her bed linen tonight and there is a sock in the bed (suspected clean - but a sock all the same.) this the end?!!! Has teenagedom arrived?

Tonight I mentioned the tubes and sock quite gently, I simply expressed my surprise. She burst into tears and said she was so sorry, she had been in a rush both times to get out to school on time when in the loo and the sock was a leftover from this morning's 'find a comfy pair' routine.

Soooooo how guilty do I feel : did I make her this anal about tidiness to invoke this reaction without even moaning at her? Yep, probably.

....and how pleased am I that teenage messydom hasn't invaded yet : VERY!!!


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