Dog Skiing

>>  Saturday, January 02, 2010

Well it's that time of year: the time to declare "I will go to the gym, I will lose weight blah blah blah"

Today I was determined to start on the new keep fit regime, getting out the cross trainer and step machine to see me along but one of my friends isn't well so I let her dogs take me for a walk. They knew where they wanted to go (which was further than I intended) but they are clearly stronger willed than me.

In fact given the ice and mud it was very much like water skiing in places being pulled along by them!

This is an action shot as I hit the deck for the 2nd time!

On return home, with hubby still being ill, I had to single handedly take the Christmas tree down and get it back up into the loft as well as all the decs and ornaments. Followed by much dusting and hoovering.
The beds hadn't been changed since Christmas Eve, so off I went, and shaking up a king size winter quilt is no joy nor is changing a cabin bed. Being as the hoover was out at the same time, I gave the mattresses a good hoover too (again a good challenge for a cabin bed!).
So now I am too pooped to think about getting the exercise equipment out - maybe tomorrow if the jobs don't get in the way!!!!!


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