A Beautiful Grey Day

>>  Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Today's type of weather I find generally stinky. Sort of grey, never really gets light, damp, dreary - many words that describe it drag me down and I feel that round shouldered weight....

...but driving home today, I looked at the grey across the fields. The trees were bare but stood out bold with the mist wisping around them. The green of the fields seemed deep and lush, the browns of the mud were deep (and sticky!). Perhaps there is something about the grey sky and generally grey air that means as you start to concentrate on other things, they become more pronounced, enhanced.....

...the upshot....I realised there is beauty even in a grey, damp day and I continue to feel that connection with the beauty around me every time I look.

This is the part where the conversation with my family goes :

"I can't believe my luck when I breathe in the wonderful fresh air and look over the views
.... but look at, don't you think it's wonderful,
.... well look harder,
.... can't you smell the earth?
.... no not poo, earth,
.... isn't it wonderful, well I think it is,
.... oh I give up!!!!!"


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