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>>  Sunday, December 06, 2009

Where I live isn't so small maybe about 4000 people, we aren't even that far away from major civilisation. 2 miles to the next village of around 5000. 10 Miles to the next town of 80,000 people.

I mean its not like we are an little community in the Northern Territory, however we appear to have an extremely small gene pool. It's like nobody ever moved away.

Take my first house, lovely little terraced built about 1890. I had new neighbours move in, turns out his grandmother was born in my house!

A new check out girl starts at the local co-op (it is a rite of passage growing up here to work there for a while) and the conversation goes:

"Steph's started at the co-op"
"You know Steph. Steph. Jude from the top roads daughter"
"Jude, John's first wife."
"No I didn't know he'd moved to that part of the village"
"Yes, that's right John, Mary's cousin"
"No the oldest one married Tim, next door to Ella. They live in Back Close now. Steph's the youngest"
"Yes that Steph"

Sadly the War Memorial has names listed that are still the surnames here now. And even sadder some family names have 5 men on there. Husbands, sons and brothers.

My daughter's class has 6 children who are all close cousins. The school Surname list must be limited! As I said, very small gene pool!!

The funniest day was when somebody wrote "Home of the Curly Toed People" on the village welcome sign. It was written clearly and neatly. It stayed for a remarkably long time and nobody argued with it!

I have only lived here for about 20 years, I am seen as a new comer still!! Occasionally, I expect the local taxi driver or policeman to come out with "It's for the greater good"!


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