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>>  Sunday, November 01, 2009

Interesting article on Being single 'worse than smoking'

The quote : "It makes perfect sense to ask how a ring of gold can possibly do this.
But the honest answer is, that we don't know." is just plain daft, any wife knows exactly how it works:

"are you planning on drinking that, how many have you had already?"

"don't you eat Indian takeaway in the living room whilst I'm out - it makes it smell"

"if you plan on smoking you can you outside, yes it is raining, OUTSIDE"

"well if you are going outside, you might as well take the dog out"

"I need to lose weight, so I've thrown out all your snacks"

"I need to lose weight, so WE are going on an exercise plan"

"you haven't got time to sit and watch TV, there's a list of jobs to do"

"The lawn needs mowing"

"The leaves need sweeping"

A man on his own (without those nags) could have drank as much as he wanted, eaten take-away, smoked in his arm chair, sat and watched the tv and generally couched potatoed. (so how many married men just sighed a wishful sigh?!) but the point is ...

the married man had his drinking curtailed, his smoking made difficult, a decent diet, and even lawn mowing counts as exercise and an extra few years added to his life.

Train of thought....would the few extra years be worth having if you felt thoroughly nagged and downtrodden ...probably not!!!

It's all about balance - positive=4 negative=1, I reckon 1 in 5 is the key. There must be 4 good things for every bad thing in any part of life and it all still seems rosy.

And all good wives also know the best way to give 4 good things regularly *wink*


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