Persil Mighty Revolting

>>  Thursday, November 26, 2009

This morning was a bit hectic, I was doing too many things at once. Somewhere between pouring washing liquid in the washing machine, buttering toast, and pouring milk I got confused and managed to intake Persil Mighty Bio.

It couldn't have been that much of it, the bad taste stopped me instantly (as you would expect) but my, does it make your mouth burn. 2 cups of tea failed to take the taste or the burning sensation away but I had to drive to the airport so no time really to bother about what I had done.

As the day has progressed my stomach has got more and more sore, I'm guessing it must be very clean in there by now and I'm starting to wonder if perhaps the 'seek medical advice' labels on these types of products actually aren't to be ignored!


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