Marriage : A Long Journey

>>  Sunday, November 22, 2009

A previous post was about an article in a pamphlet* about Secrets of Family Success. I really liked the clarity of this statement too:

Imagine that you have embarked on a long journey by car. It is inevitable that
you will encounter problems along the way, including severe weather, traffic
jams and road blocks. On occasion, you may even get lost. What will you do?
Turn around and go back or find away to overcome the obstacle and move forward?
On the day of your wedding you embarked on a journey that was sure to bring its
share of problems. The question is not whether problems will arise but how you
will face them when they do.

I liked this, it is so easy in marriage to say "That's it I had enough, I'm out of here". On a car journey how often do you say "3 red lights in a row, that's it I'm going home, I'll try in a different car another day"!

*Awake, October 2009


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