Carnival of Parties : Halloween (2010!)

>>  Monday, November 09, 2009

I love to do Halloween Parties - mainly becausee I disagree with random Trick-or-Treating - so my Halloween ideas - all tried and trusted are:

Have a set of pre-agreed ‘trusted houses’ that your children may knock on the doors of, check with the owners (your friends or neighbours) that they are happy for this to happen. Agree a route with your children between these houses and walk with them in a supervisory capacity if appropriate. It can be fun for the owners too if they decorate their doors in advance.

Hold a “walking party” with a group of friends. The children start at one of their houses where they do one activity. They then walk onto the next house (accompanied by parent 1) where they do another activity. Parent 2 walks them to friend’s house 3 and so it carries on until they are all returned home or picked up. This way each parent only has to sort out one thing and the children aren’t at one house for a long time.

Decorate your own house up and have a spooky sleepover. Arrange for a garden sweet hunt at the house of the other child. This means that they can walk down the road dressed up but there is no need to treat or treat.

Ideas for games and activities include:

Decorate Treat bags (plain brown paper bags make a great base)

Organise snacks (decorated cakes, spooky sweets in jelly, even sliced
carrots/peppers– call them ghouls fingers!)

Apple bobbing

Garden Sweet Hunt

Make ghosts out of carrier bags (bunch up part, tie round with string and shape the body with the rest of the bag)

Blind Jelly (blind fold children and they feed each other jelly – newspaper on floor and aprons required)

Pre fill surgical gloves with mixed water and food colouring and freeze. Have a garden hand hunt.
One year I manage to acquire a manequin which I broke up and hid around the garden too! With spooky sounds cd playing on the recorder in the garden and the girls in there by torch light only - you should have heard the screams when they found the head!!!!
Decorate biscuits with icing made from icing sugar mixed with a few drops of either black or orange food colouring, a little lemon juice and water.

Pin the wart on the witch (draw a picture of a witch, blind fold the child and stick bluetac onto picture)

Mummy Wrap – use one mum, and lots of toilet roll!

Balloon races (between legs or chins or simply sit on the balloon to pop it!)

Make Ghoulish Smores - melt marshmallows over tealights and squish between biscuits - yum!
Happy Halloween!


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