Rainbow to Leader in the blink of an eye

>>  Saturday, September 19, 2009

This week I went to help out at the local Rainbow Unit because they were a leader down.

It was so sweet, little 5-7 year olds with big wide eyes so polite and lovely. And they were so quiet and full of pleases and thank yous but still having a ball and giggling and playing games!

So, is this because the local Rainbow leader (who was always nice and singsong voice with them, never sharp or controlling) has this thing completely sussed or are all Rainbows like this?

If all Rainbows are this sweet, quiet and happy natured then at what point do they morph into loud, chatty, shout out games, shout out answers, shout out Brownies !!!!!!

The Brownies are really cool, still listening (sometimes), still happy (mostly), still giggly (at 2am on pack holiday mainly!) but how do they then morph into Guides.

Guides are cool (and don't they know it!), occasionally listening (they know it already!), still happy (well they would be if if wasn't for their hormones, dumb friends, dumb mothers etc), still giggly (at the leaders mistakes mainly), louder than ever, chattier than ever (except for the sulks!).

Isn't great how the Senior Section seem to become like Rainbows again loving the kiddy craft and sleepovers!

and then they morph into enthusiastic leaders (I can hear Elton John belting out the circle of life inside my head right now!)

Ps happy 18th Birthday to my favourite Sweet Rainbow, Giggly Brownie, Sulky Guide, Fun Senior and the potential to be the best Adult Leader yet - you keep going Girl!


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