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>>  Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Today is a remarkably big Zero birthday for me.

I am writing this some time in advance as I will be quite some distance away without internet as this massive milestone passes by.

I am trying to ignore it's existence and pretend that it's just another birthday, but in truth - I'm a bit miffed that it crept up on me as quickly as it did. I no longer have to wrinkle my nose to see if the crows feet are coming : they moved in permanently some time ago. Things definitely take longer to heal and the first flush of youth has been through the water works and is on it's second way round the taps.

So you would think I'd have learnt a few lessons by now : nope! I am diligently continuing to make faux pars and F'ups in a manner almost deserving of a teenager.

I do look forward to the moment that youthful (non)cognitive (un)intelligence is overtaken by a wise and experienced matriarchal figure. I would just like the figure to be more Helen Mirren than Mrs Overall!

Joyeux anniversaire pour moi!


j 9:32 pm  

Happy Birthday! I hope that you are having a great trip.

My next milestone birthday will have a zero at the end too. Unfortunately, Michelle Pfeiffer has done her forties so well that there is no hope of me aging gracefully.

Coding Mamma (Tasha) 8:23 am  

Hope you had a happy birthday. So was it 30 or 40?

Unknown 12:27 pm  

That big zero suits you. You wear it well. I'm betting you feel about half that age inside anyway, and that's what counts.
I still sit in meetings for work thinking "why am I here with all these grown ups?"!
How about I tag you as a gift? I am also issuing appologies for being so rubbish at taking up the lovely award you gave me an age ago!

AGuidingLife 12:52 pm  

It was the big 4-0. Had a fantanstic trip and the families we travelled with did me a surprise party with the whole caravan decorated up in pink balloons - what a great day it was - good friends make a massive difference :0)

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