WW2 Day

>>  Thursday, April 02, 2009

Today COG went to school dressed as an Evacuee. They are making mash potato biscuits, playing 1940's playground games and even rearranging the school desks to be more "WW2 like" - I hope this means in rows and nothing else!

I had to write her a goodbye letter last night to take which she will open at school today and write a reply to. I found it really hard to do.

I found this a very difficult sight this morning, as she went down the road bag in hand. It gave me the same feeling as the part of MammaMia where I always sob uncontrollably and my husband looks at me gone out! If you are a mum - you will know which bit I mean!
I am so glad she is coming home today and I wonder in awe about the strength of the mums during the war who watched their children leave.


Half-baked 9:04 pm  

Yay you turned comments on! I am not surprised you had a lump on your throat. Sniff!

And I always well up at that bit in Mamma Mia too!

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