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>>  Thursday, April 16, 2009

WAH : Working at Home

It works really well for me 2 of my 5 days a week. It saves 2 hours driving, I get 30 mins longer in bed on both days and instead of being disturbed and distracted at my desk, I get quite a lot of work done (as well as the odd load of washing and free delivery on home shopping) and Cog gets to come straight home after school if she wants to.

So in step 'School Holidays' - now WAH is not the preferable option. Wednesday I was disturbed at least 6 times before 10am and it's not her fault, after all it is her holiday. I gave up in the end, finished mid-afternoon and we went out for a while.

I was almost pleased when J decided he was WAH on Thursday so I had to go into work (we can't share the house!). Conversation goes:

"I need the office Thursday"

"No problem, can you drop Cog off at riding at 9:30?"


"shopping is coming at lunch time"


"can you pick Cog up at 4? - it'll only take 10 minutes"

"Well I suppose if I've GOT to" (In fairness he did say later it would be ok but it's that gut response that is soooooooooo typical!)

Upshot: friend takes Gog riding and I finish work early to pick her up, the shopping was nicely packed away though!

But the point is even being the multi-tasking champion that I am, I find working and childcare at the same time difficult. I almost respect hubby's avoidance of it at all costs but the BAD MOTHER guilt trip always kicks in and I always try to be around for holidays and work too - OUCH!!!!


Stephanie 1:31 am  

Such a true representation of every Mommy who has tried to do the WAH thing. It is such a gift and such a challenge. Great post.

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