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>>  Sunday, April 12, 2009

I had a thought today : when does maintaining the 'Easter Bunny', 'Tooth Fairy', 'Santa' stories become an unacceptable deception.

I have had the S-E-X talk with H, she is a very grown up girl that takes on a lot of responsibility but on the other hand she still firmly believes the Easter Bunny delivers eggs.

We had a late to bed last night (2am), so I had lost the plot a bit and whilst I had put out our Easter presents, I had completely forgotten the bunny eggs. Jump to 8am this morning and "MUM, can I go downstairs". My first thought was "arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh". So H & me go to presents in living room whilst J hot foots it to other eggs in cupboard and hides them in dining room to be found only minutes later - a stealth move that was not uncovered.

But somehow it is starting to feel like an uncomfortable falsehood, but how do you break it to your child that whilst insisting they always tell the truth, you have been lying all these years.


Stephanie 3:25 am  

Oh I am so torn by this too! This year as we were doing our "bunny duties" I could not believe how much chocolate we had to put out. Figured out why I had gone so overboard. I keep thinking it's our last year, last time we fib to our kids.
Great post!

Nicky 1:05 pm  

We never did the bunny but we did do Santa. K eventually worked it out, she did not see it as lying to her the same as I didn't, she saw it like her fairy tales, something she believed when she was little but learned about when she was older.

Iota 8:09 pm  

I've gone for the "Santa is really Mummy and Daddy, but with a bit of magic", which is true, and keeps the wonder of it going a bit longer.

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